Content is king!!!

Content is extremely important to the success of your website and the more effort you put in, the better the results you will get. Don’t write your content for Google using lots of keywords; it will not get you up the rankings. You do need keywords and phrases, but not repeatedly. What people really want to know is that:

•  You do what they were looking for
•  That you can do it well
•  How they can contact you

A website, like a well built house should have good solid foundations. The more effort and research put in at the beginning the better your site will perform over time. Firstly, narrow down exactly who your clients are, and who will be engaging with your website. The content should then reflect that. Secondly, find out what people are typing into Google to find your specific services. Nearly 4 in 10 searches are over three words long. So incorporate at least 5 to 20 key phrases throughout your website and write content that flows and reads naturally around them. There are also language factors to consider, for example, “second hand car” receives around 12,100 searches per month, whereas “Second hand cars” receives 90,500 monthly searches!! Even the smallest changes in text can result in thousands of potential clients.

Your most relevant information should sit above the ‘fold’, which is the area that fits into the top of the screen and is easily viewed on a laptop an iPad. 80% of visitors stay above the ‘fold’. This area has to be super clear who you are, then people can scroll down the page to read more.

Perhaps engage the services of a professional copywriter as they can write what clients want to know from an outsider’s perspective. The main point is that if you were having a site built professionally, why would you fill it with poorly written copy or terrible images. Use pictures of real members of the company, products and services.

In summary:
• Research your key words
• Determine who your clients are
• Keep the design simple and engaging
• Use well written text and relevant imagery
• Test your website on others

All these aspects will help avoid that high bounce rate and therefore Google knows that visitors have found what they are looking for, perfect!!! It’s very important to realize this can take a little bit of time, but the more research in the beginning the quicker it will happen, and when you are up there, you can stay there!

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