What is Bounce Rate?


Google’s aim is that when a person types into the search box and hits enter, the most relevant site for that term will appear at the top of the page.

There are a number of factors that Google looks at to rank a website and the Bounce Rate is probably one of the most important statistics it uses. This is what percentage of people who have typed in a search term, have visited your site, not found what they were looking for and left after viewing just one page. The higher the percentage, Google deems that your site is not relevant to those terms and you go down the rankings!!

Internet experts suggest an acceptable Bounce Rate is up to around 40%. However this isn’t always the case as sometimes a website with a high Bounce Rate can do very well. For example, sites with only one page or the landing page of some websites may straight away urge an action and thus high Bounce Rate becomes insignificant for these websites. Also many now use Google as a phone book, so clients may just be visiting your site to get the contact details.

There is a statistic that if we don’t find what we are looking for within 1.7 seconds then we are gone. So your website has to not only engage the visitor, but tell them that they are in the right place within this time.

Ideally you want visitors to land on your website and then navigate further. There may be a number of reasons why a visitor bounces away from a website and you must know these factors to avoid the pitfalls. The main elements that annoy and distract visitors are:

•  Pop-ups and distracting adverts
•  Streaming music
•  Auto-starting video
•  Confusing Layout
•  External Links
•  Irrelevant Content
•  Too long loading time of pages

Use Google Analytics to check what your bounce rate score is and how it varies between devices. If your site is scoring high then it may be time to check why, and what can be done to help. For more information or advice contact us on 01423 709397.

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